Pelisplus2 Funny Birds

Funny Birds

Título Original: Funny Birds

Año: 2024

Duración: 93 minm .

Géneros: Series / Drama / Comedia


Charlie returns from boarding school to take care of her sick mother Laura, owner of a small organic egg farm in the New Jersey countryside. It's a struggle to look after her mom, run the farm on her own and keep up with her studies. Their day-today life on the farm, already strained by years of unspoken resentment, is turned upside down when Laura’s mother Solange shows up unannounced! Solange is an eccentric French feminist who left America many years ago. She's never had much of a relationship with her daughter. Laura's sudden illness motivates her to reconnect. But can these three women, opposite in so many ways, learn to live together? To combat the unexpected bird flu epidemic that threatens the farm, they must rise above conflict. Only love and laughter can heal old wounds and help them to accept each other's differences.

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Reproducciones: 20 veces

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